Admissions criteria

General Admissions Requirements

Noble Forward, Southern New Hampshire University, and UMass Global operate an open enrollment process. All high school graduates of Noble campuses are eligible, and there are no additional academic requirements. We do not require a transcript from previous colleges attended except in cases of credit transfer.


Our enrollment process is meant to assess whether the program is a good fit for you. We’ll look to assess fit with:

Your goals

  • Why complete college?
  • What are your career goals?
  • What experience are you looking for?
  • What is your timeline?

Your life

  • How will you fit a college course load into your existing schedule? (Expect to spend 40-50 hours per month in order to graduate in 4 years)
  • Can you commit to attending in-person sessions for 3-4 hours a week during Onboarding?
  • What else in your life will need to adapt?

Your financial plan

  • Will you be able to pay for this program not just now, but for the length of the program?
  • Are you eligible for financial aid?
  • If not, can you afford to pay out of pocket or take out loans?
  • How will you handle any existing school debt?


Transferring credits is an option with UMass Global and Southern New Hampshire University.  Talk with your enrollment advisor about the requirements for your chosen program

UMass Global 

If you’ve attended any regionally accredited college or university, we’ll help you transfer as many of those credits as possible toward your degree. Curious about classes that transfer?  Search UMass Global’s Course Articulation Database to locate potential class matches.  Please submit your transcripts for a pre-evaluation of your credits.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire will review your transcripts from your previous institutions. Because of the nature of this program, there is only one “entry point” into the program. You must either meet the requirements to transfer in as a “junior” (in the second half of the program) to transfer:

  • Previously earned an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree
    • You must have received a grade of C- or higher
  • OR, earned a block of at least 60 college credit hours, including:
    • 6 credits of college-level English
    • 3 credits of college-level math
    • 6 credits of fine arts or humanities
    • 6 credits of social or behavioral sciences
    • 6 credits of science, technology, or additional math
    • 6 credits of history
    • 3 credits of culture/integration
    • 24 additional credits (electives)
    • All credits must have been earned with a grade of C- or higher to be tallied as part of transfer

Your enrollment advisor can do an unofficial review of your transcript with you to see if you meet these requirements. If you are close to meeting the requirements (3 classes or less away), we can discuss how you can make up a few credits in order to transfer. Please submit your transcripts for a pre-evaluation of your credits.

This program is unique and may not be a fit for all students.

Noble Forward may not be the right fit at this time for you if…

  • You do not have career interests related to the current pathways offered
  • You are hoping to transfer to a different institution to complete your degree
    • Transfer opportunities may be limited because of the program format, which is competency-based. While the program is rigorous and accredited, competency-based education is a relatively new type of education that many other universities may not accept at this time. Transfers between institutions are always at discretion of the receiving institution.
  • You are only a few credits away from receiving your degree
    • We can only accept blocks of 60 credits as transfers, which means you would have to start in junior standing if you are enrolled in this program
    • It may be faster, less costly, and more beneficial for you to complete your credits by returning to your previous institution provided that is an option
  • You want the traditional college experience
    • While we provide you with a cohort and peer group as well as space for studying, there is no “college campus” or other associated perks, like student groups, dorm life, etc.
  • You learn better in an in-person, lecture format, or you can’t sit in front of a computer for long
    • Coursework in this program is completed through an online portal, and you receive in-person support from your coach weekly. However, learning happens primarily through reading and viewing texts, videos and other resources, and completing assignments, not by attending lectures