Support us

We are currently seeking philanthropic investments to fund our launch and growth.

We are filling a gap in college access and completion

While there are many organizations that serve students as they enter college directly from high school, the majority of low-income students are taking a different path, and there are limited resources available. Our program is directly targeted to address what students need to succeed.

Tested partnership model, adapted for our mission

We collaborate directly with post-secondary institutions, not just around them. This model has been tested and proven effective at a small scale by other programs in other markets, such as Duet in Boston, MA. We’re looking to replicate this innovation at a larger scale and build on key learnings, while customizing the design for our specific student base.

We have experience delivering and sharing results

Our teams have a proven track record of post-secondary success as well as innovation in the college access and completion space, from the creation of tools for college match to our alumni coaching program. We have consistently dedicated resources to sharing with our peers so that our successes have broader impact.

We are building for financial sustainability

The Forward program is designed to reach financial sustainability at scale so that we can serve students without significant ongoing external operational support. In the interim, we are seeking partnerships with philanthropic organizations for investments in our launch and growth phases.  

Please reach out to Jenny Song at or Sara Kandler at if you would like to learn more about investing in Noble Forward.

"I am really excited about [Noble Forward]... Thank you and the Noble team that is putting this together to give me and others another chance at college."