For the first four to six months of the program, you will be required to meet your coach weekly and in-person. After this period, you and your coach will plan your approach to coaching together. Your coach will likely play many different roles that will shift throughout your tenure in the program and as your needs and circumstances change:

At the beginning of the program, you’ll be learning how to use the online portal and understand your academic requirements, as well as planning for financial aid or scholarships. Your coach will guide you through it initially, gradually helping you find your own way as you progress through the program.

At first, it may take some time for you to understand how to use the resources for your coursework or interpret the assignments or feedback, because everything will be new. Your coach will help ensure that everything is clear.

Your coach will push you and hold you accountable so that you follow through on your commitments and get that extra boost toward your goals. Everyone needs a personal trainer every now and again!

Sometimes what holds us back isn’t the academic challenge — it’s other issues and priorities. Your coach is there to listen and provide human-centered support — and connect you to other resources too, if that’s what you need.

Your coach will always be there to help motivate you and show you that you can succeed.