Support network

Navigating college — especially online college — can be a challenge. That’s why the Forward program is built so that you feel supported along the way. Supports include:


You can visit us any time and use our facilities to complete your work with direct access to your coach, peers, wifi, and away from the distractions of home. We currently have a location in Pilsen at Noble Forward Student Center located at 924 W 19th Pl, Chicago, IL 60608.

Each launching cohort will craft its own identity and norms together, including how they will support each other. After Onboarding, you will also be assigned to a Peer Circle. Peer Circles are teams of 5-8 students who have the same coach and will complete group activities together throughout the  program. This is a group you will be able to lean on while you’re in — and also after — the program.


We’re here to support your career growth. You will have access to our Alumni Career Office, which will help you build professional and career skills as well provide access to opportunities such as internships, externships, networking and of course, employment. Additionally, we believe that leadership is a critical skill for success in the modern economy, so we have built a curriculum that focuses on leadership development that leans heavily on very curriculum taught at top MBA programs.


We aim to provide child care support at our Noble Forward Student Center Location so that you can meet with your coach or study distraction-free. Please contact us if you need child care so that we can plan for your visit.


Our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible so that you can focus on getting your college degree. Contact at us at any time to discuss what you might need.